You would usually sing with the basses in a four part choir. I’ve gone down to around an E2 (not always there. I’m from Sarawak, Borneo (Malaysia). Former Singing Voice Vocal Range = A1 to A4, Current Singing Voice Vocal Range = A1 to C4 I am a 28 year old male contemporary singer? I think you’re A mezzo soprano and have 3.2 octaves. Idk I would like to expand my mind in this field, so any help is appreciated. While some supernatural singers have a range of 5-6 octaves, you can work perfectly fine with a solid 3 octaves voice. No. im a bass? Here’s the sheet music for Adele’s “Someone Like You”. Blues isn’t spiritual. Which is a normal for sopranos. I’m really confused, if you could help me to find my vocal range, i would appreciate it. I believe I got F4-E2 and C4-G4 what would that mean? I could hit the high notes but second guessed myself but was very strong in the low notes. You’d be considered a Tenor. Bass: F2 to E4. A common vocal range for female singers is Soprano. And one of the best ways of picking songs for your voice is knowing your vocal range. When you’re comparing your range to the voice types cheat sheet, try to find the range that’s closest to yours. My vocal range is A#2 to C4 does that make me a baritone? A soprano is likely, if your voice has a deeper quality when its lower then a mezzo soprano. Strange. I’m a male, 17 yr old. My vocal range is from a G negative 1-G4-D7. Next, click the mic at the bottom and immediately start singing your highest note. you are a female so you would not be a tenor or a baritone, you would be an alto. What would my vocal range classification be? Ok I’m F3 to C5…what doesn’t that make me?!? Therefore, a voice teacher would try to determine if a singer is more comfortable singing higher or lower notes. It should fall within the above chart. To find out the lowest note you can sing, start by clicking on number 1 in the first section. .. my range I found was D3-E6 help please ASAP I need to know what song to prepare for an audition and it’s coming up quick thanks so much. I know what I can and can’t sing though and Beyonce ain’t it! My current range is D2 – F#4 in Chest voice and C4 – G5 in Falsetto. The role of vocal range in classifying different singing voices to voice types is considered so important. I’m 14 and I was wondering what vocal type I would be classified as. Saying “C4-A5” for example doesn’t mean jack to me. According to the chart –bass to high tenor. You can see that the vocal range for the song is E3-E5. Then after you’ve been working with a singing program or voice teacher for a while, test your vocal range again. I’ve been able to hit a g2 but it’s growled/fryed. Baritone: A2 to F4 For example, a man he can has a 2 and 1 1/2 octave range in the full voice and an additional of 1 1/2 octave in falsetto. 30 years later my range is more like A3-G#5…still fun to do karaoke of break out an acoustic and sing at parties…, My name is maro my chest voice is very weak and in I sing soprano in clasicalchoir easy ,I’m 20 will my voice change my chest voice is from e2 _ D 5 sometimes do but I don’t know how to control it my whistle is from c 6 _ f # 7 smoothly please help me I want a career in music my head voice is my favourite part of my voice i have full control. i hat c3 to a5 and i am a 15 year old Girl. E2-E5. My vocal range goes from F3 to C6 (so I’m supposing I’m Mezzo-soprano), but I feel the most comfortable singing from A3 to E5. I consider myself in the middle but I excel in 4th octave in the piano. Low: (g2)a2-f3 My tessitura is A2-A4, and I personally feel more comfortable singing high notes rather than low notes, so I’d probably call myself a tenor. Riffs and Runs For Beginners -- ANYONE Can Do Them. But my head voice is really strong where I can comfortably sing up to a second soprano and I also have whistle tone in my voice. Well I did it a bunch of times and I get E2 – A5. A contralto that can extend her voice up to C6 is called a Soprano Sfogato. My documented range at one point was A3-F6 without going falsetto. I actually have the same range as you. suunii suunii saa.ns kii sitaar par (Lal Patthar, 1971): This Shankar-Jakishan composition picturized on Rakhee from Lal Patthar is a beautiful example of the use of Raga Jayjayvanti in filmi music. That means a girl who can sing from A3-A5 can go from an A in the 3rd octave (the one right below Middle C) up to the A in the 5th octave. my chest voice is G1-E5 HEAD VOICE IS F5-G7. Id like to hav a 2 1/2 full voice range, which has the top note d#5ish. Ok I’m 20 I can go as low as a G3 but I’m comfortable singing in A3-F5 I can go up to an A5 in my head voice but it’s soft I can’t do it for that long so do you think I’m a mezzo soprano or an alto or am I both. Hey my vocal range from the video was D3 to A5 what does that mean because i looked on the chart under it and when to yahoo answers and some said alto some said mezzo soprano and one said Contralto so i’m really confused please help me thank you btw i am a 14 year old girl. Chest-Voice: (F#2) G2 – D#4 (G#2) In all young singers, be aware of extraneous vocal tension. I can reach A2 (that’s my lowest, you know when doing the bass sound), My highest in normal voice is F4, and my highest in falsetto (or whistle, although I don’t know if I’m whistling when I reach six octave notes) is G#6. Chest notes: D3- C#4 What Is a Vocal Range? Can i be a good singer by using my this voice??? Or if you have a higher range, you might want to listen to Beyonce, rather than Tracy Chapman. Hey, that’s quite impressive. Brendon Urie’s vocal range spans almost 5 octaves, from D2 to C7! I can also sing to a A2. Also, going lower of higher begins to feel more out of comfort range. 2. I recently this year expanded my range, that’s where I got the top notes G4-b4’ish notes. 1. Hey, no shame in straining to sing- that wouldn’t be considered your range- but you’ll get there! Generally speaking, the average vocal range of males which is baritone is usually between 1.4-2 octaves. The thing is that I want to integrate a couple notes from the upper register into my full voice range. Hey, I’m a totally untrained 22yr old guy and my lowest, absolutely not forced note is around E3, but my highest are around E5-G5, I switch to head voice or that squeeky sound that you make when you have absolutely no chest left (and do something wrong), when I’m around C5… I saw somewhere that’d be “lyric tenor” but I’m not sure =/, Hi I read where someone was looking for a songwriter…well I think I just might be worth having a look at. At this point you might be wondering: which singer has the most octaves of all? Contralto—The contralto is the lowest tessitura of the female singing voice with a vocal range that starts from D3 to B♭5. My voice ranges from C3 to A5. As far as vocal warm-ups go, lip buzz (or lip trill, as it is sometimes called) … Expand your vocal range by a little every day. So, according to this, I could be a soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, and contralto? I have a doubt on my vocal range. My range is G1 to D6, but A5 and up is in my whistle range. What voice i have i am a tenor or i am contralto tell me, Actually, based on your range you seem to be more of a countertenor. I’m not interested in professional singing (anymore), I just like to sing along with music. The “Gee” Let’s open things up a bit. I got e1 to c5 and I got up to G5 with falsetto I’m 19 and male what am I? Vocal Ranges. (I use that example because I’m a bass lol) But the top of bass range can go up to G4? Then the highest note that I can hit comfortably is an A5, but can go as high as C6! So I’m a 15 to girl and my range came out as D5 for high and F3 for low. Where does that put me? What’s my range? what’s my voice type? Hi, I’m male and 17yrs old. i hit c3 to a5 ( 15 year old Girl ) what is that? Hi! Before you can start expanding your range, you need to be familiar with your current range. I don’t really sing up until now I actually feel more confident. I’m 17 years old male. I don’t find me in the article. Same goes for guys. I’m hitting a low of a3 and a high of c5 what is my range. To start with, I am a natural bass that has at least had these ranges: 2008 Singing Vocal Range = (F1) A1 to E5 (G5), 2018 Singing Vocal Range = Hey Spencer, it sounds like something went wrong in your range test. Sorry if the english it’s so basic or something, im not a english-speaker. It lies from A3 to A5 and is similar to the mezzo-soprano voice range. Any help would be great! Been told by quite a few peopke when i sing in the lower register i sound manly :/ duno if thats a good thing or not… but when i go high im very girlish… what do you think. My lowest note is a D3 and my highest I have sung is a B6. Can someone help me? I’m so confused about the differences between contralto and mezzo. Higher than the average soprano, as low as an alto? So i am wondering what my voice type is. D3-A5 in mixed voice. Is this good,bad,average?? Try to sing an AAAH sound with open mouth and good breath support. My lowest note is E3, I can belt to F#5 and my range tops off at F7, Hi im 15 year old boy puberty full on truly passed and my range is G4-A#5 and in falsetto D5. or (E5 maybe?) My range is from D2 to G4 is that good? In this case, voice teachers use only vocal range as a factor in categorizing a singer’s voice. The vocal range covers only chest voice or all voice types? I am a woman, and my range is C3 to C5. Please reconsider and make sure that it’s true. One of the biggest benefits of knowing your vocal range is finding your voice type. I’m a girl if that helps and I’m 12. Glad that you could identify your vocal range. Hope I was able to help! In high school choir (30+ years ago) i was sent to sing with the 2nd altos. Im 24 year old female and my range from high is B4- low G3. My range is D3-C6, and my voice sounds weightier than Adele, though obviously not as good lol. 3. so (d#2 with super duper vocal fry) a2 – a4 chest voice, my tessitura goes from a2 till g4 I also prefer lyrical tenors above spinto or dramatic Tenors. Okay so im female, im 27. i have a range from B2 – F6. So am don’t know how to classify her voice. The lowest note that I can hit comfortably is a F1, but can go as low as an Eb1! Is this natural talent or just normal? I’m a guy and my vocal range is D2-G5# but am more comfortable singing E2-F5#. What would I be? My higt not is the E6 so which range vocal I have. A voice type is a particular kind of human singing voice perceived as having certain identifying qualities or characteristics; vocal range being only one of those characteristics. Shall i include my head voice in? Classical singer needed the vocal range & voice type classification. I’ve hit an e6 whistle note but it doesn’t really count. There’s no use choosing a song with notes that are outside your comfortable range. I’m a girl (20) , and my lowest is d3, and my highest is f5, but I’m more comfortable with singing lower…and my tessitura is probably d3-c5….I don’t really know if I’m a mezzo-soprano or an alto…. Vocal range (recorded) G0 – E5, No.. Falsetto:( voice cracks from transition from head to falsetto): G4-E5 ( I’ve hit F5, G5, and A5 before but those were only with strain) 1. Would that be alright with my actual range itself? The vocal range can be classified in between the highest and lowest pitches that human can produce. Hi, my name is Alex, and i am a 16 year old male. starting to think maybe he was right. I’ve got a little twist for you that will make practicing fun! I used to be able to sing F3-E6 so my range lowered a little when I turned 22 and I lost 1 higher note. I’m a 19 year old girl. I’m here and the above chart shows e2 to e6. Using myself as an example, I can can sing as low as an F#1, which is way outside of my class’ range, but that would be forced, if I didn’t try to force at all the lowest would be D2 which makes a lot more sense. I’m 12 and I can hit a B3 as my lowest and a G5 as my highest, where does that put me? What does that make my range and how many octaves/notes is that?? C4-C5 is most comfortable and I think C5 is when I switch into head voice. Male voice my range is F2-D5 and i can go as high as a C6 ( forced what am I categorized as? i am a male rock singer for a glam rock group with a strong head voice Treble (F3-)Bb3-Ab5(-Db6) (This type of voice only applicable to kids below 11 years old, as their voices haven’t changed yet. The acceptable range is from (or Lower)E3- D5(F5). Luckily, the internet has made it easier than ever to find the vocal range for songs immediately. Experimenting with the Vanido app which tells me my range is D2 – F#6. The top note I can sing in falsetto without being pushed is a D5/E5. So which category my vocal is? I wouldn’t bass it on Fry and falsetto. Not sure what to make of that. What is the range that you are most comfortable with? hello. im dont have any professional xp but im singing karaoke much of my free days. Speech range (C2) D2 – E2 (F2) A couple examples of people who do this are Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie, Michael Barnes, Bruno Mars, Adam Levine, ext. And the first step in learning to sing like your heroes is to find your own unique vocal range. My tessitura is from Bb2- C5. I’m looking for a songwriter who is emapthetic to a bass singer who also has deep spiritual roots. Your vocal range is very similar to mine (G2-C5, with G5 as the falsetto high note) and I can sing tenor and baritone. I’m assuming he means gospel or praise. Or perhaps a Baritone-Tenor cross over. I don’t know if someone’s still answering this but… My vocal range goes from A2 to A5, I’m a girl of 22 I sing a5 and f5 really comfortably but i can also sing g3 and g5… but a5 and f5 most comfortably.. whats my range? These singers are our heroes; we all strive to be like them. Did you use an app like sing sharp that tells you your range? Hi I am a male who has a 4.7 octave range, going from a Bb3 to a G7. They would classify us as baritone. I cannot go too low, but I can go very close to E2. I am b2-c6, so I have a wide range (but better suited for a girl), I can be a tenor, high tenor, and a countertenor. Almost anyone can expand their vocal range. I am Female and I’m hitting b2-c6. Your vocal range is very wide. Looks like I had made some typos. My lower growls are close to F1. Have i got one for you..Lowest is b1 ,highest is e5 .. Normal speech is a g2. After my vocal range test, I found out that my lowest range is D3 and my highest range is F4. Can i sing high notes by using this voice.??? You can identify your lowest vocal range and highest vocal range you can hit by following the guide in this video below. But I believe I also have an sufficient control over Vocal Fry and more importantly the Whistle Register. I noticed I can do Megatrons voice too lol. And also help to improve your tone AND take tension off your voice… my falsetto range is G5~C6~(F6). These five ingredients determine a voice type: Age: Many singers are assigned a voice […] Thank you. This note before I switch to head voice it A4. Sorry, checked again and my lowest was D2. Help? To create this piece, we took the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time as compiled by Rolling Stone magazine in 2008. My low note is G4 and my high note is E5. Someone help me with the rules of music. friend 1: female 12, G2-D7 And although yes, I am 55 years old, I have always had a very low (but strong) voice. My really comfortable range seems to be E1-E5 so does this make me a tenor? baritone? Light lyric mezzo maybe? My Range Goes from an E2(Lowest) to A4(Highest) what would I be classified as? But it all depends on what your best at. Being a lady and fitting most comfortably in between F3-F4 is all well and good, but the fact that my range (on an good day without warming up) B2-D5 is just. But you can also cleanly hit a c4. Understanding The Major Classifications of Female Voices, B. 3. I sing all the time and work my range extremes. C3-E5 is what I got but I’m not sure of what that is. (A5 have to be warmed up well). I’m 15 years old This list was inspired by the TopTens user zxm and his lists "Best Singers with a 4 Octave Vocal Range" and "Best Singers with a Five Octave Vocal Range". Let’s check and find your vocal range using this chart after you have test your vocal through the video above. My higest was C6 if i really tried and lower than E2 what would mine be. I’m definitely a classical singer. Can anyone help me figure out what I am? I would say soprano, judging by your abundance of high notes. I think you’ll find this helpful:, Your email address will not be published. Sing up to your highest note on the “Ah” vowel and mark your highest note. I keep getting asked “what are you?”, I only wish I knew! So how do you compare your range to famous singers? 2. I got a E6 as my highest and a B2 as my lowest, I am a 47 yeast old make classically trained and I can go from B0 to F#6, what is my range..? The main voice types for women from lowest to highest are: Contralto, Alto, Mezzo Soprano and Soprano. Her performance of Ave Maria as a 9 year old was as good as any soprano I have ever heard. I’m 13 almost 14 in August. Thanks. Not ALL voice types are listed because these are the most common ones.My best at C2#-F4. Where does that put me?? I sing form C3 to C5 with my chest register, from D5 to A5 with my head register and from B5 to D6 with falsetto. 1. I’m at times able to growl notes like g2-g#2 but it’s pretty fried. I find it extremely frustrating that women seem to be expected/forced to have a higher voice. My highest whistle note is A7, See, for a vocal range to work, you have to be able to sing from the higher note down. Sing the note on an “Ah” vowel. My highest falsetto is G5/A5 but that’s a bit forced up there. I switch between ex- and inhale for higher pitched screams. As a voice teacher, I’ve seen students who have done YouTube exercises incorrectly for years and made zero progress. Low notes: E2-C#3 Am i classifieds as a high tenor!? Sorry new to this. I’m 17 male and my low note is G2 and high note is C5. I’am 25 years male. 15 year old girl. Can someone help me point out my weakpoints? Sometimes it’s difficult to know if you’re making progress in your vocal training. This is just a guide, many people have larger ranges than listed. My vocal range is from F#2-C6 (does not include Whistle Register or Vocal Fry) I can sing lowest notes, but I feel really comfortable between G3 and C6. Maybe get a friend to help you? What’s the point of knowing your vocal range if you’re just doing vocal exercises? My vocal range is C3-A5-B6 I’m male what type of my voice? probably alto, other way around? 2. It means I have 2.42 octaves which is average. Your email address will not be published. And that gets complicated. Like sing sharp? if i can hit E6 to A2 what does that make me? I tried singing along with Alfred Deller and had no problem hitting the notes too. soprano. Thats after a little over 2 years of singing lessons. I have a range of C3 and d5 but is that valid cause they both are in different octaves. If you can sing a G7 (assuming you’re not whistling, right? Many singers can produce notes throughout a wide range of these frequencies. You sir, are probably a baritone. I’m Hitting way above the top for the chart and way below it with an AFlat7-D1. I’m fourteen year old male and I need help. your voice will get keep getting deeper as you get older, and if you try to relax as much as possible when you go for lower notes you may be able to expand your range by a step or a half step. In reference to the Vocal Ranges chart above, here are the ranges listed with letter names & numbers. Our notes are pretty close. Now that you know what causes your vocal break, here’s a great exercise to help you eliminate it completely. I transpose all songs down into my range: I only wish I had known this when I was younger. So I know that i am some form of Tenor. I just noticed that after I sang C4, a light airy sound is heard around D4/E4. Great question! The female voice is divided into soprano and alto; while the male voice is divided into tenor and bass as well as occasional treble for children. Baritone, (from Greek barytonos, “deep-sounding”), in vocal music, the most common category of male voice, between the bass and the tenor and with some characteristics of both. 2. PD: Sorry if my english isn’t perfect, my native laguange is spanish. The four main vocal ranges are: Soprano – A high female (or boy’s) voice Alto – A low female (or boy’s) voice Tenor – A high (adult) male voice Bass – A low (adult) male voice My highest note is c#7 but sometimes I hit e7 and my lowest is d#2 what’s my vocal type. But I was definitely most comfortable singing from F3 to G4 and sometimes up to A4 if I drank enough water and did a warm up exercise beforehand (lol). C2-A4= Good, believable, plausible, your vocal range. The key to unlocking the full potential of your natural given voice is to learn proper breathing, followed by carrying the notes on … Finally, find Middle C again and this time, sing upwards on an “Ah” vowel until you’re at your highest note. Hii.. im a man,23 years old, i could reach my lowest voice at G2.. and using chest voic i can reach my highest is at B4.. with falsetto i can reach A5.. what my vocal type?? Also, I’ve heard that SingSharp isn’t the most exactly accurate device. To find your total vocal range, it's best to use a five-note scale, singing up and down the entire scale until your voice cracks or you cannot hit a note. i did some reading and there is a possibility that i could be a tenor or a countertenor. Hey, hopefully this helps clear things up a bit for you. what am i? Would someone be able to help with identifying my vocal range and type? As for Ariana Grande, vocal range goes from D3 to E7, exceeding 4 octaves. Now an F4 or G4 is fairly easy as long as long as i’m warmed up and breath support etc is going fairly good. Chest voice: c3-b4 mixed voice: c5-Ab5 head voice: up to A6. Abri, did you use avocal range app. Then sing the highest note you can hold for a few seconds with the high notes button pressed. I can never seem to find things that work right for me. What does this make me? This is only helpful if you happen to be EXACTLY on those notes. D3 -C5. I’m a girl by the way. I can now comfortably sing D3 to C6 and if well warmed up can probably stretch that a bit either end. Hello. So, unless you are able to sing that A7 and go down the scale, it would not count so it would go for you: For example, a pretty common vocal range for male singers is C3-C5. I’ve written a complete article on how to find your voice type. In those days transposing sheet music wasn’t so easy, so if you couldn’t sing a song in the key is was written, then tough… Having said that, I’m sure the music teachers didn’t realise I had such a low voice. Your range is a bit different- you can fit it into either a baritone or tenor range, all depends on what you’re most comfortable singing! my teacher then said I would have benefitted from voice lessons. What’s my vocal range. There are four vocal registry types, namely: Voice classifications originated from European classical music and developed over the years. It sounds like it would be quite difficult to get a range that large so I’m worried you may be missing something. 12:00 pm here. For example, what percent of men will sing in the counter tenor range, in the tenor range, in the baritone range, in the bass range? Your range is quite strange. The number next to that letter tells you which octave you’re singing in (the 3rd and 5th octave in this case). I’ve had much experience with teaching singing to all ages, and a 5 octave range has never been bestowed upon me. That’s the vocal range of a Tenor. Tenor, your range is excellent, and if you wanna sing country- go for it! When it comes to the pre-pubescent children’s voices, treble, and 8th term is usually applied. I had a few months of voice lessons when I was 11 but none since. Say the word “Gee” (as in “Geese”) out loud at a comfortable volume. Im a female. Perhaps you could extend it to include the Contrabasso range? so i’m a 13y/o girl, and my current range is e2 to g#5. Upon testing, my vocal range was A2-C6. In choirs I will go for the Tenor over Base even if I can sing the range for both parts. But I don’t know what type my voice is. Other factors are vocal weight, vocal tessitura, vocal timbre, vocal transition points, physical characteristics, speech level, scientific testing, and vocal registration. But I’m wondering if anyone has used Sing Sharp to practice/assess their vocal ranges. My vocal range is from G#2-F#7 but I’m more on the range of A2-F#7 , How many octaves and what voice type could I be? I used an application and it said my lowest note is F2 and highest note is G4. Your voice is then classified into specific types depending on your vocal range. Baritone—This is the midrange of the male voice, and it spans A2 to A4 with an extension down to F2 of up to C5. Violet. For the female vocal range I can go from C4 – E6. As a Baritone singing low notes is a no brainer. I’m a Male with a range of C#3-E7. Can you please help me determine what is my voice type? You’ll be amazed at how much better you can sing through your vocal break with this simple singing technique. Hi. Her whistle register is a legend unto itself. My range is e2 – g7. Identify your vocal range using this vocal range calculator. (i’m female ), Hey Mimi, it sounds like you’re a Soprano. Check out my Vocal Range Test here. And one of the best ways to improve as a singer is to take inspiration from other great singers. Okay so, I’m a girl and my lowest sustainable and clear note is G#3 and Highest sustainably clear note is C#5. Most singers have a trouble spot in their voice. What category would I fit into. Bonus Upgrade: I’ve developed an app that will tell you your vocal range in only 6 seconds. I really only know theatre songs so…sorry XD. If you’ve been part of a choir before, you’re probably pretty familiar with these ranges. Keep in mind 2 things: 1. Why is it that women like myself are not accounted for? Im 24 x. I got roughly G3/F3 and about C5 what am I? Hello! I never thought I was a bass, but I can go as low as Db2 all the way to G5. where would that place me and is that an average range for a 24 year old guy? So, all in all – are those good/wide ranges in comparison to my “normal” voice? I don’t even see F6 on this chart. I am a 29 year old female and according to the app, my vocal range is E3 – F6 Voice classifications, however, generally fall under three groups, namely: female, male, and children’s voice. Any advice would be really welcome. Get someone else to help you find your range, and then I’ll get back to you. -Zeke. So, in order to determine if I should sing either tenor or baritone, I take a look at my tessitura, which is where in my voice I feel most comfortable singing. Then what kind of voice i have.??? I can whistle (sometimes can do it) but I literally have no control and I can’t do it whenever I want to do it but if you want to know I’ve whistled up to C7 but I guess I’m really only comfortable to F6. I can sing form C3 to D6…. So get someone else to help you find your range to make sure. A combination of all these factors is utilized to determine a singer’s voice, and categorize it into a specific type of voice type. I’m a girl with a vocal range of B3-C6. But for now, here’s one simple exercise to find your voice type with your vocal range. We’ve put together 10 tips to help you improve and expand your vocal range while still protecting those precious vocal cords! Now that she is singing classical songs, she is using her head and mixed voice. Countertenor—The countertenor is the highest male singing voice range that stretches from E3 to E5. Don’t worry your vocal will get bigger you have plenty of time to explore. Lower notes: E2-C#3 As a singer, you are will be able to perform any song more soulfully and powerful if you have a wider vocal range to handle different octaves and registers efficiently. I have a vocal range from D5 to B2. When I speak normal it’s from (B2) C3 til E3 (F3). I also prefer to sing the higher notes if i can. Even thought most Apps don’t work very good for Pitch detection (They jump from 3rd to 4th to 5th octave and back) Hope it’s true! any help on what classification i am? Finding your vocal range is one of the most important things you can know about yourself as a singer. Listen to the note and sing it along, let’s see what is the highest note you are able to sing…. 1. I am 17 years old with low note D3 and highest C5,what is my range.I am a girl. I could possibly go higher but that’s around the range I can make without sounding to weird. What do you think?for all of you wondering what your range is, it’s where YOU most comfortably sing. (E3-)G4-C#6 (-A#6) apparently??? Countertenors usually sing their high notes in falsetto vocal register and sing the lower notes in modal voice. MALE, If I can go from E2 to F5. Thanks. Finally, look up the vocal range of the song on a sheet music website like Full voice being C2-A4 and anything above that I utilize my head voice and whistle. I had singing lessons as a young adult and my teacher informed me i was really a soprano. If you have a lower range, you might want to listen to Johnny Cash, rather than Freddie Mercury. Middle: g3-d4 I got my highest as an F5 and my lowest as an F2. What about the trouble notes in the middle of your voice? I did not scream or strain my voice to hit these notes (at least I tried not to), just in case it had any effect on something.